Human Resources

Our mission as being DUBAN Machine human resources, improving suggestions for more efficient work place and more corporate structured businesses and by projecting these suggestions to result with the relevant people and to give support.

Firms should fight in order to exist, to grow their shares in national and international markets and to make attacks for taking place in better markets. To make this happen they should have strategic human resource management and valuable human resource. Rivals can imitate your organizational structure, your technology and your products. But they can not imitate your organizational culture and human resource easily.

The employee type we would like to work with; person, who is close to organization culture, works fast, adopt team work, follow the sector and world, has strong social relations, has self confidence and most importantly who knows one foreign language. Because, English is not only the international language but the language of technology.

We believe that we will be successful with our workers. We know that using our human resources effective and correctly will provide long-lasting succeed and we work with the last newest technology.

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