DUBAN Machine was established in 1997 to produce the connection parts of the chassis and suspension systems of commercial vehicles and since it was established, it developed several products for different sectors around the world and turkey by the help of our specialized R&D and production engineers.

Connection parts on the vehicle especially axle housing brackets are very important for life security. For this reason all the controls during production process are made very carefully and assure under the ISO 9000 quality management system.

Our firm added the vehicle LPG tank manufacturing line to the existing production. Our firm has set up all the necessary manufacturing line and production control mechanism related to this production to deserve to get this certificate and started to produce vehicle tank with DUBAN Brand. Now with the certificates and production abilities we have, we can produce every type of LPG tank for every brand of vehicles.

Firm has the quality certificates given by RINA about the welding methods, and has the greetings ... continued


The aim of DUBAN machine is to make the service and product quality to answer the needs and expectations of customers. Each unit and member of firm aim to improve the production and product quality. Served quality and customer satisfaction is one of the biggest factors to make DUBAN Machine to be selected.


Liquid filters which provide the filtering of water pulled up from water well by pupm.

Liquid filter is used for filter the harmful bacteria and solid materials inside the water with t..

Gearbox Gearbox which uses for rolled raw materials in steel manufacturing companies...
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